Medical Specialties


Cardiology, very simply, is a branch of medicine that deals with diagnosing, treating, and preventing heart disease. As South Florida Multispecialty, our team works with both inpatient and outpatient care as members of the Mount Sinai Medical Center, one of the industries foremost medical facilities.

Our team has done much over the years to establish themselves as leaders in the field, but within the hospital, the focus is only on you, our patient. The goal is simple: to provide our patients with the most up-to-date cardiovascular practices in a professional but compassionate atmosphere. This can only be achieved because our team has a passion for what they do.

As cardiologists, we are dedicated to reducing heart disease as well as lengthening and improving the quality of life when heart disease is present. Our group has the latest technologies available for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Primary Care
Primary Care is the first point of consultation for patients. Your primary care physician will serve as a contact throughout your diagnosis and treatment, monitoring your progress and staying up-to-date with each step of care.

Primary care includes:

  • Health promotion
  • Disease prevention
  • Health maintenance
  • Counseling
  • Patient education
  • Diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic illnesses.

Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and nonsurgical treatment of diseases affecting the internal organs of the body.  Our internists are specially trained to deal with any problem a patient may have, no matter how complex.

Our physicians are skilled in many areas of internal medicine:

  • Adolescent medicine
  • Allergy and immunology
  • Cardiology (heart)
  • Endocrinology (diabetes and other glandular disorders)
  • Gastroenterology (colon and intestinal tract)
  • Geriatrics (care of the elderly)
  • Hematology (blood)
  • Infectious disease
  • Nephrology (kidneys)
  • Oncology (cancer)
  • Pulmonology (lungs)
  • Rheumatology (arthritis)
  • Sports medicine